The Little Things That Get Forgotten When Planning a Wedding.

By Majestic Event Planning

Planning a wedding is not easy and there is a lot that goes into it! That's why it's great to keep yourself organized. Sometimes things get forgotten, so we are here to remind you about the most forgotten things through the planning process.

1. Weather: When planning an outdoor ceremony keep in mind that the weather can be unpredictable, so make sure you have a back up location in place. Check the forecast everyday the week prior to your special day. Weather can impact your photo plans so have secondary locations ready for these also. If you are looking to have the ideal sunset in the background for your photos, you need to check the sunset times for that day and hourly weather forecast for around that time, then plan accordingly.

2. Lighting: When booking your venue make sure to ask about their lighting and have them show you the ballroom with their lights on. Uplighting is a great option that will help brighten the ambiance if the ballroom is lacking that.

3. Person in charge on the day of: It's important to hire a day of coordinator to help you set up all your decorations and coordinate the whole day to make sure it goes according to your expectations. Putting that kind of pressure on a friend or family member might be too chaotic for them and for you so it's better to leave that to the professionals. A day of coordinator will take all the responsibilities off your hands so that you can relax and enjoy every aspect of your event alongside your family and friends.

4. Tipping: Don't forget to tip your vendors. Depending on your vendor you should tip between 10% to 20%. Have your tips ready in an envelope to be distributed on the day of your wedding by your day of coordinator.

5. Food allergies: Check with your guests to see if any of them have a food allergy. If a guest does have a food allergy, you can plan ahead and cater to their needs.

6. Vendor meals: Don't forget your vendors get hungry too. Take that into account for when you are choosing your meals with your catering company or venue.

7. Out of town guests: Make sure to have accommodations for your out of town guests by booking a room block at a hotel near your venue . Make a list of fun things to do in the area and don't forget to have welcome goodie bags waiting for them in their room.

8. Dress alteration fee: It's so exciting to pick up your dress from the bridal store but most bridal stores don't do alterations and if they do, they charge extra. Remember to account for that in your budget.

9. Accessories: Jewelry is what completes your look for you special day. Take that into account when you are creating your initial budget. For some reason this is what always gets missed when budgets are being created.

10. Hydrate: On your wedding day you MUST drink plenty of water. This gets easily forgotten with all the things you have to do from getting ready and enjoying some bubbly. Wearing a wedding dress that is heavy can overheat your body, so the more water you drink the better you will feel that day and the day after. Your body will thank you!

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