Choosing a Wedding Photographer

Updated: Mar 15, 2019

by Jenée Cook Photography

Choosing a professional Wedding Photographer could be one of your biggest expenses and one of your longer term relationships you will build. If you are choosing Jenee Cook Photography, you are hiring a professional that specializes not only in weddings but family photography as well, so you are starting a relationship that will last for years to come!

It is important to choose someone you love personally as well as their work. They will be the one standing by your side from the time you are getting hair and make-up to the dance floor at the reception. You want to make sure you love your Photographers personality. There have been times I’ve soothed a nervous Bride better than a family member, because I can see the bigger picture of the day because of experience. Almost every wedding I get sad when it’s over and time for me to leave. My Brides and Grooms have become my friends! You want that personal investment on your day!

In a time where everyone has the newest camera on their iPhone, it’s important to understand the difference in the images your friend can snap and what a professional Photographer will capture. What you’re paying for isn’t limited to a “nice camera.” You are paying for so much more! You are paying for this professional to create one-of-a-kind art that will last for generations. You are hiring an individual that has years of experience and education as well as running a business.

When booking your Wedding Photographer, here are a few key requirements know to make sure you are hiring the professional that is being tasked with one of the most important elements of your wedding:


Wedding Photographers book a year to 18 months in advance! Don’t wait unit the last minute or your options will be severely limited on true Professionals. Be prepared, you will need to pay a retainer and sign a contract. Be aware if you aren’t asked for either of those two. The retainer will tell your Photographer you are serious about them turing down another wedding for your date and your contract will protect both parties.

Meet your Photographer:

Take the time to meet your Photographer! Talk on the phone, meet in person for a slice of chocolate cake, do an engagement session! Make sure you really do like working with your them. Are they warm and friendly or cold and all-business. That personality will show in your photos in your own expressions. How they direct you during an engagement session will be a good trial run for the big day.


How long has your Photographer been doing not only photography but ask specifically how long they have been doing weddings. Weddings are a whole other arena than landscape or only newborn photography. There is a much different skill set, education and experience required to be a wedding photographer. An unexperienced wedding photographer could miss key moments of your day, not know how to handle their camera in quick moving situations, not know how to direct or not understand the flow of the day and will make you late.


It is important to know if the wedding Photographer you are looking to hire has insurance. You could be held up in a delay situation if your venue requires one.


Study their Website, Facebook and Instagram. Make sure their style is consistent! The way they light their images, their posing and the way they edit their photos. Nothings worse than getting your images back and they look nothing like what you thought you were hiring the photographer to create. Don’t be afraid to ask questions!

Jenee Cook Photography is based in Southeast Massachusetts and has been a Wedding Photographer for 7 years. She is classically trained at The Center for Digital Imaging Arts at Boston University. She approaches each wedding like she is photographing her best friends big day. She works with couples who enjoy adventure, tradition with a twist of building their own path, and who love experiences. Her work can be found as Jenee Cook Photography on Facebook and Instagram or at

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