5 No No's for the Week of Your Wedding

By: Majestic Event Planning

1. A New Diet

We understand the week of your wedding you might want to lose additional weight to fit into your dress, but crash diets don't work and they will not benefit you at all. Juice diets can make you feel tired and not be fully alert. This is not the time to choose a juice cleanse. This week is when you need all your energy and juicing has very little calories and it won't nourish you. You need well balanced meals. Eat lots of fruits, veggies and lean protein. Stay away from carbs and things high in sugar such as anything processed. Make sure to drink lots of water and don't drink your calories. Try to stay away from foods high in salt because they will make you retain water and feel bloated. Remember to not starve yourself! This will make you be on edge and can alter your emotions making you be very sensitive.


2. Changing Your Skin Routine

You want to make sure your skin is glowing and flawless for your special day, so stick to your normal skin care routine since you know that works for you. Don't experiment with a new product your friend or cousin recommended, you never know how your skin might react to it. You can definitely save this product and try it after your wedding is over. We know facials are very pampering and other skin treatments help your skin with time but this is not the week you want to try this. Some skin treatments make your skin peel, can turn your skin red and leave it irritated for a few days preventing you from wearing any make up until your skin heals. Staying hydrated and having enough sleep will help your skin have a healthy glow as well! Having sun kissed skin is ideal but you don't want to leave that for the week of your wedding. If you are planning on being outdoors make sure you use sunscreen so you won't burn and peel. Also, don't get a spray tan so close to your wedding, it might stain your white dress.


3. Not Getting Your Beauty Rest

We can't stress this one enough, you need a full night's rest! Having a lack of sleep can alter your mood, skin and immune system. Not sleeping enough can put you at risk of getting sick! You don't want to be sick on your special day. Pimples like to pop out when you have not slept well, they are not invited to your wedding so make sure you don't skip out on sleep! A well rested bride is a happy bride!


4. New Workouts

Exercising and eating healthy is the best way to stay fit and it helps your mood! This is can be a great way to release stress especially so close to your wedding. Stick to your normal work out routine and don't experiment with new moves. You don't want to pull a muscle or be sore on your wedding day. Muscle related injuries take weeks or months to recover from, so if you are trying to lose more weight the week of your wedding, just go for extra walks and/or extra runs.


5. Drastic Hair Changes

Avoid getting an extreme hair make over. We recommend not to cut your hair so close to your wedding. If you want to cut your hair and experiment with something new, you should do this 6 months before your special day. In terms of coloring your hair, you should get your hair dyed a month before just in case the dye doesn't react well on your hair. You should opt out of experimenting with a new color so close to your wedding and keep your normal hair routine.

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