10 Useful Wedding Favors

Updated: Feb 11, 2019

By Majestic Event Planning

1. Water bottles: Water bottles with a label of your wedding day will help keep you guests hydrated while they dance all night long. Another water bottle option could be a reusable bottle for your guests to take home and use on the run.


2. S'more's kit: This one is our favorite! Who doesn't like chocolate and marshmallows? This is perfect for a summer or fall wedding! Especially if the wedding and reception are outdoors, this will be the perfect treat to end the night by a bon fire!


3. Sunglasses: Trust us when we say this... Guests love getting free trendy sunglasses at weddings! They are perfect for outdoor ceremonies to block out the sun and be able to see the bride and groom getting hitched.


4. Bottle Openers: Beer lovers will appreciate this small gift! These are the favors that get used the most! When the wedding is over, all the bottle openers will be gone along with centerpieces, but thats a topic for another day haha!


5. Candles: The girls will love this one! Candles are always a big hit especially when they smell amazing!


6. Coasters: Whether it is a DIY project or a store bought glass coaster with a photo, guests will enjoy having a new coaster to take home and be able to protect their favorite furniture!


7. Shot glasses: It's so much fun collecting different shot glasses from different vacations. Some guests love collecting shot glasses from weddings. They always come in handy when you have tequila and a big group of friends at home.


8. Flip Flops: Dancing with heels or dress shoes can hurt your guests feet and some people don't like to be barefoot on the dance floor. Having a basket with all sizes of flip flops by the dance floor is the greatest gift for your guests. They will keep on dancing and they will be happy that their shoes won't give them blisters.


9. Little Containers Filled With Candy: These little cuties will help dress your table a bit and your guest will be happy to have a little treat before dinner or after dancing!


10. Koozies aka Can Coolers: No one likes a warm beer in the summer and cold hands in the winter. Your guests will be thrilled to take one home! We can't tell you how many times we have used our Koozies from previous weddings we have attended. They sure come in handy!

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