10 Fun Guestbook Ideas

By: Majestic Event Planning

Instead of having a traditional guestbook that will collect dust in your basement because you have nowhere to put it once the wedding is over... why not try one of these fun guestbook ideas and display them around the house.

1. Polaroid pictures:

Set a station with extra film and batteries. Make sure there are more than 2 cameras so that everyone can snap some photos. Place some pens or Sharpies near by for guests to write a little something on their photo. These photos make the cutest guestbook, a memory of your special day and your loved ones that you get to cherish.

2. Small Wooden Hearts:

Place the wooden hearts on a table with a few pens or Sharpies next to the blank hearts. Have your guests write something on the heart and place it into a shadow box or a regular wooden box.

3. Wishing Stones;

Have your guests write a little message on a stone. Place lots of Sharpies next to the blank stones on a table. Make sure you get stones that are big enough and have a flat side to be written on. Once your wedding has ended these rocks will be a sweet addition to your home decor. You can display them in a wooden box or in a jar. You can also place them in your garden next to your beautiful flowers or plants .

4. Tip Jar

Place a vase or a jar with blank pieces of paper or popsicle sticks and lots of pens. Have your guests write some tips to keep your marriage exciting and fun. You will then collect advice for a happy marriage and can sit with your significant other reading them together on date night.

5. Photo Booth

This one is by far the number 1 favorite of all guests. They get to keep a photo and give you a photo! This brings so much joy to each wedding! Once the wedding ends you can see all your guests photos and see all the goofy things they used as props.

6. Video Station

Place a few video cameras on a table and have your guests film a message for you. This is always fun and sentimental to watch after your wedding has ended.

7. Engagement Photo Book

Print your engagement photos in a book with some blank spaces on each page for your guests to write messages. Make sure there are lots of pens near by for your guests to write with. This is such a cute idea that can be placed on your coffee table as decor.

8. Monogram

Have your guests sign this big letter and once the wedding is over you can display this signed monogram at home. If you go this route, make sure you choose a color that goes with your home decor.

9. Canvas

Print one of your favorite photos of you and your significant other on a canvas and have your guests sign around the edges. Make sure to place lots of Sharpies around the canvas. Once your wedding is over you can hang this canvas at home and see it everyday.

10. Jenga

This one is so fun! Buy a set of Jenga and place it on a table for guests to write fun anonymous messages . Depending on how big your wedding is, you can buy a second set of a Jenga to have more pieces. This will bring awesome laughs when game nights are at your house and your friends and family are reading these messages.

Remember to have fun with your wedding guestbook and you really don't have to spend too much money on something that will be quite sentimental.

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